Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Owl be there for you

Owl be there for you
As I promised another post with more great goodies and gifts from all over the grid. So lets get started. 
Dhara hair by Tameless has loose casual waves with lots of body that will lend itself to a great range of looks. Also I picked up this sweet Hazel skin from Mother Goose's for just $1L, here I show it with lipgloss from Wow Skins. Stop by Mother Goose's to check out a great selection of free and $1L items as well as a ton of lucky boards with all kinds of great treats and some of the very sweetest skins to be had in all of sl. 
Owl be there for you
As promised in the last post more great gifts from the Seraphim 2 year celebration!! Gorgeous Circle Medallion Drop set from Addiction Jewelry, includes necklace and earrings(not shown). Super cute Fashion Owl Tank Top by Shine has adorable Owl and says Owl be there for you, is a wonderful addition to any casual look. Megumi mesh jeans by Mirror's Enigma are a must have wardrobe staple, and let's face it you just cannot go wrong with a good pair of jeans. All of these generous gifts and more from some of the most talented creators in sl are available at the Seraphim in world headquarters. That is all for now and I will be back soon with even more goodies and sales from the fabulous world of sl fashion. 
Thanks for reading and see you around the grid. 
Shape: Panda Punx 
Poses: Pose+ivity currently at Stuff in Stock, Flash Friendly available at Seraphim
Feet: SLink 
House: Bazar- Arizona


Fotos_ Agnes Dietrich
Estilismo_ Tuset Maru
Modelo_ Tuset Maru
Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Dollyrock - Women's Sexy Clothes, Lingerie, Formals, Stockings!

Great wide selection here, nice quality. They have a good selection of stockings which you don't see very often. Uniquely designed casuals. L$150 - L$350.

All About Dolly Rock Boutique

The Green August 2012 - Cover

It is always good to do more than expected. Typically when I am given a brief for a job the brief sounds interesting but I also have my own (often a little bit more crazy) ideas about how to tell the visual story. The brief to shoot a new boutique in St Margarets, London, asked for me to photograph some portraits of the owners showing the great interiors of their shop. So I went ahead and made some location portraits trying to capture the feeling of the space and show the owners' infectious personalities.


However, as is often the case just fulfilling the brief does not quite satisfy me, I don't feel like I've really given my all to a brief unless I've tried to tell the story in my own way and not just the way I was asked to. In this case I realised that the two friends who run the boutique Beth and Nikki are what make it special. It is their drive and passion for fashion and makes the place tick. So how could I show this in a simple, interesting and attention grabbing way? I decided to place them on the floor and surround them with clothes hangers - a great symbol of fashion.


As so often is the case when I do my own little extra bit it goes down great with the client. The magazine editor loved the pictures, and put my hangers image on the cover. The boutique owners also loved the images and have asked to buy them for promotional usage. Doing that little bit extra and letting your creativity speak can really help get your best work out their.

The Green August 2012 - part1

The Green August 2012 - part2